Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many musicians are in the band?

A: Well, that's up to you! Our smallest band is 6 pieces and consists of a female singer, male singer/rhythm guitarist, lead guitarist, bassist, keyboardist and drummer. From there you can add on trumpet, trombone, saxophone and/or violin for a fuller look and sound.

Q: What about ceremony or cocktail hour music?

A: We got you. As we are all conservatory trained we can provide top notch classical music for ceremonies and jazz or bluegrass for your cocktail hour. This is offered at a significant discount when booked with a reception.

Q: My wedding is on a non-Saturday, can I get a discount? 

A: We are all working musicians outside of MIXTAPE (see our ABOUT page) so we work any night of the week so the day of the week does not effect our pricing.

Q: The audio on some of your videos is weird. What gives?

A: We know, some of it is not ideal, but we have chosen to go the live audio route so you're actually hearing live performances when you watch our videos instead of the pre-recorded lip-syncing route that most other bands use. To get a quality live audio recording is wildly expensive and with our pricing being as low as it is we haven't had the budget for it yet. We promise the sound at your event will be much better than what we can provide in our videos currently. 

Q: Do you travel outside of NYC?

A: Sure! NYC is definitely our home base but we are willing to travel. Contact us for more info.

Q: When can I see you guys live?

A: Check out our NEWS page to see any showcases we might have coming up. We typically play 2-3 showcases a year and would love to see you at them. 

Q: Why are there different people in your videos?

A: The MIXTAPE family of musicians is huge. This way, should something come up with one of our musicians, we always have another equally qualified and talented musician ready to step in. This also makes it so that there can be two MIXTAPE bands playing on the same night. Both groups of musicians have the same repertoire, pedigree, and level of talent and each musician is interchangeable any other musician on the same instrument.

Q: How do you feel about playing for same-sex weddings?

A: The same way we feel about playing straight weddings because love is love is love is love. MIXTAPE will never stop celebrating LGBTQ+ love. Never ever. 

Q: So, do you guys play in other bands together, or are you friends, or what?

A: Yes and yes! Many of us met each other while attending various conservatories. Melanie, the founder and singing blonde lady in the videos, is married to Danny, the handsome brown-haired drummer, and has known many of the other musicians since she moved to New York to attend Manhattan School of Music in 2002. Many of us are in non-cover/original music bands with each other as well. We are very fortunate to have developed such a tight-knit and supportive community of musicians and to be able to play music together in a variety of formats. We are also part of the mmm,,,bands family of private event bands. Check out our sister bands Moxie Jazz and moonshine bluegrass!